Sunday, April 15, 2012


I cannot believe how time flies?... *sigh*
My (very) lack of blog posting since forever is due to some very major things that have been happening in my life! By major, I mean work work working (not an excuse?!), getting married & fleeing the country to Europe for a long honeymoon! Although I wont lie, I was thinking about Baltica Blue a lot during these exciting times...I didn't forget about 'her', I was just brain-collating some wonderful ideas to share with you & wanted Baltica to get back on her feet in full force upon my return to reality. Now that I am married (wow!), Johnny& I are settling into the nesting life & I really feel like I can finally give my 100% to Baltica Blue. Its very exciting for me..I cant wait to actually get my blog on & create friendships with fellow, like-minded bloggers and to share my inspirations & ideas.

For Baltica's revival, here are some snaps of whats been going on X

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