Tuesday, September 4, 2012


I've noticed lately (and in all things), that I am loving soft and bright, pinks and yellows, black lines, grey splotches, affirmative text and clever graphics.
And if you can create a medium that combines all of those elements together, then you've got me.
Meet Danish Artist, Line Juhl Hansen.

Her website and blog are mostly in German, so it is hard to get background info on her methods and technique. But I love the colours - soft yet dramatic. 
Her studio is also something to be admired; I could literally live in that space! 
Simple. Beautiful. Colourful.

Line has an Etsy shop too. You can buy some of her limited edition prints and original artwork here.

Images from here.

Monday, September 3, 2012


I started back at uni last week to finally finish my degree in Communications. 
I started in 2008 - (I know, right?!) and I am determined to finish this thing, once and for all!
I paused my study back in 2010 due to working full time/renovating/life got in the way.  Now I have time to put in a 100% gold star effort. Cant wait to get on with it & finish what I started! 
Further study is cool. 

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