Thursday, June 23, 2011


Since it hasn't stopped raining here in Victoria for like, a whole year now, 
I have officially diagnose myself with cabin fever.

ME = 
(Well, you get what I mean).

It really got me down last night, hence I've been throwing myself into extreme bursts of cleaning the house after work at night in lieu of exercise - (no, I don't belong to a gym; I belong out in the fresh air, man!), baking (I know, counteracting?), listening to my iPod, watching Gossip Girl & reading. BUT, as relaxing as this all seems (very little time to do anything in between working), its starting to get quite testing.
I miss the sun, I miss breathing fresh air without freezing my lungs, I miss actually being able to drive the car without wearing gloves; I miss wearing thongs (I am a QLD girl after all!); I miss being that slightly sunburnt; I miss not having to wear bronzer to stop me from looking like I'm sick; I miss getting out of bed casually rather than waking up, throwing off the doona, eyes sore from opening  to full capacity>> too fast!!>> from shock of the cold; I miss eating salad and enjoying it; 
I miss, I miss, I MISS!

*Rant over.
**Enjoy these cabin-feveresque pictures. 


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